Advanced Web Design

Our Advanced Packages are for businesses that need more than a simple site.

They include beautiful and responsive pages, multiple sliders, 10 email addresses and database integration if needed.

If your business revolves around selling items, having a database driven website will help you manage prices, dates and more!


Advanced websites can also have shopping carts and accept credit cards so you can easily sell your items on the internet.


QR-Codes bridge that gap between print and web. Users can interact with your ad by scanning in your QR-Code with their mobile device. Your QR-Code could insert your contact information into their phone, or pull up a movie, download your latest song, generate a coupon or take them to your website. QR-Codes can be designed handle a variety of tasks and you can track how many people actually scanned it.

Examples of some creative uses:

Print advertisement is expensive.

You are forced to decide what information you display in your ad and what information to leave out. There is no charge for QR-Codes, you don’t need fancy hardware/software or some exotic license to create them. However, you do need to know how to create them so that they will respond the way you intend. We can go over all the options and possibilities with you and help you create something that works great for you and stays in your budget.

Advanced web design

Starting at $299 this package includes:

Great for businesses that need to update services, inventory and/or prices on a regular basis

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