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Inergy Design offers several services designed to fit start-ups and small businesses unique needs. From responsive web design, blogs, business cards, stationary, custom databases with a web accessible front end, computer repair to virus removal, retrieving deleted files, and more.

Macintosh, Windows or Linux. We support them all

Let's get you connected

Websites allow you to connect with customers that you normally wouldn't be able to connect
with and increases your market beyond your neighborhood.
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welcome to Inergy Design

A unique one-stop web design team that also offers computer repair, virus removal, application development and more!
We focus on building great things, so you can focus on building your great business.


HTML 5 allows us to make powerful websites that look great on all platforms.


CSS is responsible for the styling of your web pages. It also handles light animations.

Responsive Layout

A website that modifies itself in order to look its best on any device.

Custom Graphics

We create custom graphics designed around your business, colors and logo.


Custom Wordpress themes will allow you to update your website with minimal effort.

Database Driven

Websites that often have changes will benefit greatly when using a database.

Custom Slider

A Custom Slider (like the one we use on the top of our page) catches your viewers eye and engages them. Sliders make a great first impression!


Your website must be hosted in order for people to find you. We offer 1 free year of hosting to new clients, and get you connect with email accounts.

Domain Name

A Domain Name lets people know where to find you. It is your unique address on the vast Internet. We offer a free Domain Name to each new client.

Let's build the next web

Using the latest HTML5/CSS3 technologies we design stunning, responsive websites that look amazing on any device!
Contact us to see how you can make an impact on your visitors.

A first impression

First impressions are important

Making a dramatic online presence is important. You have about 7 seconds to do it. 7 seconds is the average amount of time that a user will spend deciding if they want to navigate your website, so your website has to capture their attention. Not only does your website have to look good, it needs to look great. It needs to load fast, be organized, and most importantly it needs to convey the services that your business provides. We use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to create websites that look amazing on any device and are fine-tuned to your business.

Data driven

Perfect for businesses that like update frequently

Do you need to make frequent changes to your website? Are you a dealership, realtor, restaurant or deal with changing inventory and/or prices? You would benefit greatly by using a database driven website. Our database solutions allow you to log in and make changes whenever you need to. Easily change prices, pictures, sale items and more! We build our database solution on top of a rock-solid LAMP stack. With hardly any need for reboots or updates and being resilient to viruses, you have a system that you can rely on to stay running 24x7 without any issues. The back end is handled by MySQL running on Linux. On the front end we use PHP code that is served by Apache. Styling and optimizing is done with HTML 5 and CSS 3. We stay away from closed formats (such as Flash) to insure that our work will be viewable on any device.

Fully Responsive

Looks great on every device

Our websites are fully responsive. When a person connects to your website, the website will determine what device that user is using. It will then reformat the website to look its best, based on that person's device. Animation and graphics are created using industry standard open formats so you don't have to worry about if someone is using a computer, tablet or cell phone.

Hosting and Domain Name

We've got you covered

We include a year of hosting and a domain name for free! You need a domain name for your website so people know where to go to see it. Think of it as an address for your site. Usually you want to use your business name for your domain name, but in a lot of cases your domain name will not available. Thousands of domain names are bought every day. In some cases you can file a claim to get the domain name that you want if its the same name as your business. We can explore your options, and also give you alternative domain name ideas. We can build your site, handle securing your domain name and host the site for you. Or maybe you just want your current site updated and have no need to have it hosted elsewhere. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

Are you ready for the Cloud?

Share and sync all your notes on all of your devices.

Do you want to easily share files and work with people around the world? Using Cloud Services makes it easy! No need to mess with fussy FTP settings or bounced emails because of file size issues. Easily and quickly update documents on any of your devices and the rest of your devices will instantly be updated with any new or revised documents. Perfect for taking quick notes and not losing them!
There are so many different Cloud services to choose from, and we can help you make the right choice based on your unique needs.

Google Drive

Google gDrive has been around for quite awhile. Once it is installed on your devices, you can easily create or edit documents using their Google Apps which is integrated into gDrive. Available on all devices and computers running Windows or Macintosh. Sadly, there is no Linux support..

Microsoft OneDrive

Onedrive is available for all devices. They don't support Linux yet though, although we hope that changes. Onedrive is free, or you can pay a small monthly fee and have 1tb of drive space and have access to their Office365 software suite which includes Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint.


Dropbox supports all devices and computers. Designed mainly for storage and sharing, Dropbox doesn't really come with any additional software like Google or Microsoft but it is our favorite cloud service.

Aimed more towards the enterprise market, doesn't seem to be as easy to configure as the other options that are out there. They do have a large amount of software that is customized for services.

Apple iCloud

This service by Apple is for consumers that use Apple products. It is relatively new and only offers the bare basic services.

Build your own!

If you are worried about having your documents sitting on a server that is outside of your business (you shouldn't be, they are highly secure), there are several ways to build your very own cloud and host it on your own server.

We believe in and use Open Source Software.

Utilizing the latest in Open Source Software, we can show your business how to save a ton of money by switching from closed software (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Server, Microsoft Office etc...) to Open Source Software like Linux and Libre Office. There are no service contracts or monthly/yearly fees, and they are more stable and virus free than closed software making Open Source Software an excellent choice for use in your business.

Let's create something exciting!

A beautiful and engaging website that will grab your customer's attention!


Photography, custom graphics and forms.

Better BetaReads

Custom Wordpress

Easily share files using your web browser!


A barcode is generated from the information that is pulled from a database. Everything is formatted nicely and exported as a PDF. Perfect for printing load tags, box labels or just about anything else.

Excel Reporting

A yearly schedule, for 18 different devices, is created by querying 6 different Microsoft databases.


Custom front end that makes it easy for the owner to add new games to the landing page.

Simple car for sale

A quick site for someone that wanted to sell an old truck.

Fun and whimsical

Great simple design. Fun colors.

Car For Sale

Advanced single page site with tons of extras!

What can we do for you?

Besides design and programming, we also offer other services.

Computer Repair

Computer repair without the headache of a big bill or dealing with those all-in-one big box stores that offer computer services. We charge a flat fee depending on what the issue is. We don't charge to take a look (there may be a travel fee). We stand behind every repair and if the problem occurs again in the next 90 days we don't charge anything.

Virus Removal

Computer viruses are rampant. 99% of our virus removals are done with-in 24 hours with no loss of your data. Some viruses are embedded into the Operating System and will require a full back of your data and a complete reinstall of your software. One of the most common remarks we receive after removing viruses is how much faster the client's computer is. Computers can have dozens of viruses hidden away and taking up precious resources. Some computers we have dealt with contained more then 2000 viruses! Keeping our clients information confidential is paramount and we never share or discuss any of their information and we don't go snooping around our clients files.


If your computer is more then a few years old, you can breath new life into by buying upgrades and having them professionally installed. In some cases it may be cheaper to just buy a new computer, but then there is the hassle of transferring your documents, pictures, and setting up your applications to run the way you like can be time consuming. We look up your specs, and offer you a quote as well as explaining the benefit of each upgrade. We often can upgrade your computer at your home or business.


Did you buy a new computer but don't care for the version of Windows or Mac that came with it? We can downgrade your Windows or Mac software to an older version. Downgrading allows you to use your shiny, new, fast computer while using an Operating System that you are used to. Sometimes, older software will refuse to run on a new Operating System. Downgrading to an older Operating System can solve that issue. Another option (although more costly) is to keep your current Operating System installed, and run an older version inside a Virtual Computer. We can even “virtualize” your old computer, so you can run it on your new computer!

Lost Password?

Did you forget your password? Maybe you picked up a used computer somewhere but can't log in? While retrieving the current password is difficult to do, we have tools that will allow us to reset the current password at a much cheaper rate.

Retrieve deleted files and folders.

Accidentally delete the only copy of an important file? Or delete an entire folder of documents? Using our tools we can recover most files if you act quickly. The longer you continue to use your computer the less of a chance there is to retrieve delete data. Your best bet in this situation would be to turn your computer off and not use it until you have someone professionally retrieve your deleted files. Inergy Design has retrieved thousands of deleted files and we would be happy to take a look to see what we can do for you.


Adding new computers to your business? Or maybe a new printer that you want to share with co-workers? Need a server with enough power and disk space to keep your operation moving? We can put together a proposal based on your unique needs and skill set. Most of our solutions require little additional hardware and we are very conscious of your critical budget. In the long run, a company using a network can be more productive which saves you money.

Our most popular services

Pricing for our most popular services.

Most popular!

Standard Web Design


  • Free 1 year hosting
  • Free domain name
  • Static pages
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • For businesses who offer services that don't change very often
Database driven!

Advanced Web Design


  • Free 1 year hosting
  • Free domain name
  • Database driven that you can update
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • For businesses that need to update services and prices on a regular basis
Optimize computer


$79/per computer

  • Remove viruses
  • Install Operating System updates
  • Check and update device drivers
  • Optimize hard drive
  • When your computer isn't running at its best, it can slow you down
Interactive Books!

Flip Books

starts at $59.99/per issue

  • Turn your PDFs to digital books
  • Open Format, viewable on all devices
  • Add sound and video
  • Users will not have to install anything!
  • Host it on your site or we can host it for you for a small fee

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

but feel free to contact us with any questions.

Can I view my site while it's being worked on?

Yes! We setup a virtual website that only you will have access to. You will be able to see your site as it is being built, and request changes. Easily show your site to your co-workers or employees and generate some feedback to ensure everyone is on the same page with aesthetics, features and usabil-ity.

Can my site be designed so that I can make changes to it without any programming knowledge?

Absolutely. If we know that your goal is to maintain the site yourself, and you want to be able to upload pictures, change prices or just plain write blogs we can design your site around Wordpress. Wordpress is the #1 Content Management System used by millions of people. We create a custom theme just for you, and make sure that all the features you need are available. We will need to know if your intent is to self-manage your website fairly early in the planning process.

What happens when my site is viewed on a mobile device?

It looks amazing! Our “fluid” code will determine what device it is being viewed on, and then it will lay out the site in a manner that is best suited to that device. The content never changes, just the way it is presented to the user.

Can I have a shopping cart so I can sell things?

Yes. We offer PayPal and other payment integrations as well. Once a shopping cart is integrated into your system, you can easily modify prices, inventory, pictures and more. Your Dashboard will show you what was sold and provide you with shipping details and notes from the buyer.

Can you make my website look like my business card?

Having a consistent design is a crucial part of branding. Using inconsistent colors, fonts or logos may give the appearance that your company is unprofessional. We can match your current business design to keep a unified look.

I have a restaurant; can you make my website show my customers what the special of the day is?

Yes. We can build a scheduling system that only you have access to. Using the scheduling system, you simply click on any day and enter the information you want to visitor to see when they visit your site on that day.

I think my computer may have a virus. What is the first thing I should do?

The longer you keep using a computer that is infected the more of a chance you have of making it worse. Finding someone that is skilled in virus removal should be your first priority. Call around for pricing and turnaround times. Most places will charge you a fee to “examine” your computer, and another fee based on how many viruses you have. We love removing viruses and usually only charge one flat fee. Most of our clients have remarked on how much faster their computer is after we removed viruses. That is because viruses use up a lot of your computer's resources, and often they download other viruses too.

I just deleted a bunch of files by accident! How can I get them back?

When you delete a file, it’s not immediately deleted. Deleted files and folders are marked to be deleted and your computer will delete them when it needs to. The longer you continue using your computer, the less of a chance you have of retrieving deleted files. If you are able to, you should shut down your computer until a professional can take a look and retrieve your files. We have retrieved thousands of deleted files and we can help you retrieve yours.

I need a way to share files with several people, what do you recommend?

If you seldom share files, email or a flash drive works great. If you need to share files frequently throughout the day, a NAS works great and the prices are pretty low. The NAS would plug into your existing network, and anyone on the network will have access to it. There are security levels and per-missions that you can set so you won't have to worry about people getting access to something that they shouldn't. If you have several computers that need access to shared data, you may want to invest in something with more power than a NAS. A File Server is essentially a computer that sits on the network and shares files and printers. File Servers cost a bit more than a NAS but they also do quite a bit more. If you want to share files with people in different physical locations, check out Cloud Services.

What is the Cloud and how can it help me?

The mighty Cloud. Everyone is talking about it, but what is it exactly? The Cloud is a term for services that you have access to from any device. Your phone, tablet, computer etc... You can put your pictures, documents, videos and anything else you want on it and have access to them anywhere you are. Most Cloud providers integrate sharing that is pretty easy to use, so you can share a document or a folder and email someone a link to that share.

Do you only work on PCs running Windows?

No. We support all versions of Windows, Macintosh and Linux. We work on just about any computer out there! We love challenges, so if you have something different or completely odd we would love to take a look.

Do you have any goats?

What kind of question is that!? No, but I have an old cat and 2 dogs.

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